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Founded by former USAF combat veteran, Dominique (Dom) Hines, Diverse Hire is known for its unparalleled recruitment services, proudly announces its merger with Lighting IT Solutions, Robert Wallace.

This union amplifies our collective strengths, allowing us to provide an enriched experience for our clients and candidates alike.

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New Horizons

Our Legacy: Past, Present, and Future

Diverse Hire has always been at the forefront of talent acquisition, with a distinct focus on championing diversity and inclusion.

Merging with Lighting IT Solutions, an entity renowned for its trailblazing contributions to the IT sector, we are embarking on a new chapter.

A chapter that combines Diverse Hire's recruitment prowess with the technological acumen of Lighting IT Solutions.

Our Mission

To elevate businesses by connecting them with a diverse pool of unparalleled talent, ensuring a harmonious blend of skills, values, and visions.

Our Vision

To be the global leader in recruitment and IT solutions, fostering an ecosystem where diversity drives innovation and excellence is the norm.


The Guiding Light Behind Diverse Hire

Emerging from a deep reservoir of commitment, tenacity, and visionary aspirations, Dom Hines stands as more than just the founder of Diverse Hire — he is the embodiment of its foundational ethos.

Balancing his roles as a devoted father and loving husband, Dom's personal life is a testament to the importance of relationships. It's this very essence of connectivity that translates seamlessly into the work culture he has cultivated at Diverse Hire. As a USAF Combat Veteran, Dom's experiences have shaped him, instilling values of grit, determination, and unity. These intrinsic traits serve as the backbone of Diverse Hire, guiding its mission and purpose.

For Dom, Diverse Hire isn't just a business entity. It represents a powerful vision, born from his keen insights into the world of employment and diversity. He recognized early on that genuine diversity and inclusion in the workplace weren't just endpoints to be achieved, but an ongoing commitment.

His background includes delivering top-tier diverse talent for Fortune 1000, mid-sized firms, and startups. Specializing in supporting Digital Transformations and Accounting & Finance initiatives, Dom also played a key role in Salesforce's Scaled Interviewing Pilot Program. Now, at Diverse Hire, he stands as a trailblazer, challenging norms and shaping a more inclusive employment landscape with determination and purpose.

Rob WallaceImage

Lightning's Spark: Rob Wallace

Rob Wallace stands as a paragon of passion and expertise in the realm of IT. As the founder of Lightning IT Solutions, he embodies the innovative spirit of the company. But Rob's legacy extends far beyond this enterprise; his involvement in multi-million-dollar government technology projects, spanning agencies like the VA, USDA, FDA, HHS, CBP, IRS, and USPS, attests to his unmatched capability.

Having specialized in both cleared and non-cleared SaaS technology, Rob's expertise goes beyond typical IT roles. A testament to his dedication, Rob spearheaded over seven agile teams in a groundbreaking $900 million VA transformation project.

His roots in industry behemoths like Salesforce, MuleSoft, and PEGA have equipped him with unparalleled insights, making Lightning IT Solutions a leader in IT innovation. However, Rob's commitment to societal impact shines brightly too.

Through his instrumental role in integrating his previous company into the Salesforce Military Alliance program, he championed the cause of veterans and their families. By facilitating their access to free Salesforce Certification tests, and subsequently assisting them in securing roles around the D.C. area, Rob has proved that his vision for IT solutions seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with profound social impact.

Together Towards Tomorrow

Diversity & Inclusion

Our meticulous screening process ensures that every candidate is evaluated based on both skill and cultural fit, ensuring a seamless integration into your leadership team.

Seamless Transition

With a vast global network of seasoned professionals, we're equipped to find leaders who can navigate the complexities of both local and international markets.

Tested Experienced

In an age where diverse perspectives drive innovation, our commitment to diversity and inclusion ensures that your leadership team embodies a myriad of experiences and worldviews.

End-to-End Support

From initial consultation to final placement and beyond, our team offers comprehensive support ensuring that the transition is smooth and beneficial for all stakeholders.

Your Next Step

In a world awash with data, our approach to executive search is both an art and a science. Trust Diverse Hire to be your partner in this journey. Ready to find your next leader? Contact us today.

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